Cost Of Plavix

When a person faces various heart diseases, he or she has to take some pills which help improve the health condition. But these medicines have one negative aspect - shouldn a patient should take them for a long time. Plavix, a drug produced by the company SANOFI, is one of those pills. Nowadays Plavix is probably the most efficacious drug for preventing blood clottage.

This drug should be taken regularly and that is why Plavix cost is a very important issue for the family. We know that health is the most important that we have but sometimes the price of drug is jaw-dropping and not everyone can afford buying it regularly.

One pack of Plavix consists of 28 pills; each of them contains 75 mg of Clopidogrel. According to the data received from the analysis of prices in various pharmacies we may say that brand-name Plavix price varies and can be more than $230 per one pack. Usually this pack is enough for one month. But before buying this drug, the first thing you should do is to know whether the cost of Plavix is covered by your medical insurance. If yes than the price of it shouldn't worry you.

Luckily nowadays Generic Plavix is presented for sale and this drug allows lowing of prices. Generic Plavix contains the same active constituent, Clopidogrel. The only difference between both medicines is pharmaceutical aids. But the quality of generic drug is the same.

Every patient is interested in the question like how much does Plavix cost? Recently one of the companies made a review of prices and made a conclusion that the price for this drug varies greatly, from $20 to $175. Plavix prices at more than 30 pharmacies were analyzed. According to this statistics Plavix price at Welmart was the most reasonable (approximately $50).

Also we can assure you that Plavix is not a rare medicine and in more than 96% it is presented for sale at every drugstore. Only three drug stores didn't have Plavix on their shelves but it is just about timing.

Moreover there is pleasant news for those who prefer brand medicine. From time to time the manufacturer runs various discounts so the patients have a fair opportunity to buy Plavix with a good discount or even almost for free.

First of all before buying Plavix you have to monitor all sites where it is presented for sale and choose the most affordable price for you. Sometimes you can be offered the drug sample or a discount.

Plavix is a super effective and even a blockbuster drug which hit the stores in 1997 and since that moment became much-needed drug. It was prescribed to patients who experienced heart or brain attacks, acute coronary syndrome or had a stent implant. The main function of this drug is to decrease the clumping of blood platelets. A bulk of patients takes Plavix and can give only positive remarks so we can say that the cost of it is reasonable.